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Månad: oktober 2016

Future-proofing your business with the new generation of ISO management standards


Written by Agneta Gjöthlén, Senior Consultant at Purple Ivy AB

It’s my turn to write a post for the Purple Ivy blog, and I’d like share my thoughts on how I believe the new generation of ISO management standards can help companies ensure their long-term survival and profitability in an increasingly complex global marketplace. I think four of the changes are of particular significance in this respect:

#1. Introducing context analysis
One of the new requirements is that an organization must show that it understands the context that surrounds it, which includes identifying its stakeholders and their needs and expectations. Doing this analysis in a meaningful way requires looking into the future rather than looking back – precisely what Astrid was talking about in last month’s blog post, when she wrote about how companies can benefit from leaning forward and developing a deeper understanding of their role in changing times.

#2. Strengthening the link between business strategy and management system
The new standard talks about leadership instead of management responsibility, and makes it clear that the business strategy and the management system need to be closely connected. I believe senior management should take responsibility for determining the scope of the management system based in part on the context analysis. Good leadership includes making sure that it is clear and visible to everyone how the organization will deliver on the business strategy.

#3. Managing risks and recognizing opportunities
The establishment of a risk-based thinking approach based on risk identification and management is fundamental in the new generation of ISO management system standards. The logic is that proper management of risks is crucial to delivering good quality in a sustainable way. The risk-based thinking approach also recognizes the flipside of risk – opportunity – and embraces the concept of positive uncertainty.

#4. Leadership and systematic change management
To lead and manage a sustainable business requires planning and having the necessary control to handle changes from different perspectives (Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environment). In order to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks a company must be good at systematic change management.

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