With the vacation period fast approaching, we wanted to take a few minutes to thank our clients and partners for a stimulating and productive year to date. It’s been a pleasure working with you to push the needle a little further toward a more future-focused, sustainable business environment.

Like most of you, the six of us all have plans to roam and rest and spend quality time with our loved ones over the summer. But as much as we will enjoy doing those things, we are also keen to get back to work energized and ready to push the agenda further.

Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to so far this year:

Astrid has used Purple Ivy’s unique materiality process to help clients’ sharpen their focus on the business value of sustainability. She has also been coaching several sustainability managers on strategy implementation and how to integrate sustainability further into their businesses.

Eva has been busy coaching and supporting a few key clients to prepare for the next generation of management systems. She has also trained the management teams of 25+ companies and hundreds of their employees about the newly released ISO standards.

Agneta has focused on supporting clients to strengthen the connection between their strategies and their management systems. She has also coached them in their preparations to meet the new requirements in the latest versions of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Tanis has been working predominantly with one key client to take their thought leadership and sustainability content to the next level by simplifying the messaging and implementing a storytelling approach.

Carina has mainly worked on projects related to service and pricing structure development, with a particular focus on the sustainability aspects. She has also taken on temporary operational management responsibilities at a client site.

Birgitta, our newest recruit, is in full start-up mode, with a couple of exciting projects lined up for the autumn. She specializes in integrating sustainability issues in companies’ strategies, as well as reporting and training.

Spoiler alert: Last week the six of us had a meeting with our wider network of experts to discuss a major opportunity we have to contribute to the sustainability performance of Sweden’s state-owned companies. Watch this space!

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Best wishes for a sunny and restful summer,
Agneta, Astrid, Birgitta, Carina, Eva and Tanis