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Månad: april 2018

Summer internship at Purple IVY

Are you looking for an internship that will provide you with hands-on experience in the corporate sustainability field? Are you able to think holistically about the challenges that companies will face in the future? If so, Purple IVY may have an opportunity for you this summer.

We are looking for an intern who can help us update the researching framework that we use to help us advise companies about sustainability drivers and threats that they will face in the future. We will provide you with an introduction to the framework, the tools that support it, and our approach to presenting the drivers. We will also share examples of how we have used the framework in some recent projects.

Over a period of approximately two months, your task will be to gather and organize the latest insights about future game changers in society. We need you to bring your creative, analytical, and forward-thinking suggestions; your ability to research on your own and find the most relevant recent articles; and your self-confidence in drawing conclusions about how to do things differently. We will support you in the creation of a project plan, hold weekly check-in meetings with you, and otherwise trust you to manage your work with a high degree of independence.

The end result will consist of:

  • a presentation of how the drivers have changed in the last two years, along with any suggestions or findings on new drivers
  • a database of recent articles supporting your findings on new drivers or changes to current drivers
  • an after-work event with our network in August/September to present the results.

We see this internship as a great opportunity for someone who:

  • is likely a recent graduate of a sustainability-related program
  • is looking for networking opportunities in the sustainability consulting field
  • has strong analytical skills
  • thinks holistically
  • is able to draw conclusions and present them in a simple way
  • thinks creatively about future business sustainability challenges
  • is self-motivated
  • is comfortable organizing databases (ex. Evernote, Google Drive).

The assignment will either be financed through Arbetsförmedlingen or compensated according to a mutually agreed fixed price.


Cirkulär ekonomi: hur blir dagens avfall morgondagens resurser?

Välkomna till oss den 19:e april kl. 17.30-19.00 på afterwork!

För en hållbar framtid måste vi ta steget mot fler cirkulära lösningar och en cirkulär ekonomi överlag där vi sparar på jungfruliga resurser och återanvänder det som redan finns i våra befintliga flöden. Att arbeta aktivt med allt från hur en produkt designas för återbruk till producent ansvar och rening/förädling av material är delar i det cirkulära tänket.

Pär Larshans, Hållbarhetschef Ragn-Sells, gästar oss denna kväll och kommer berätta om deras arbete och tankar runt den Cirkulära ekonomin. När kommer dagens avfall att betraktas som morgondagen resurser? Vilka möjligheter har vi redan idag och vilka utmaningar finns för morgondagens cirkulära affärsmodeller?

Boka din plats på vår Eventbrite-sida.

Vi ses!

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