‘State of Integration’ survey of sustainability leaders launched


Scania, Electrolux, Vattenfall, Husqvarna Group, Epiroc and Swedbank were among the 20 companies, including five state-owned companies, that took part in Purple IVY’s survey: The State of Integration.   

The Purple IVY report explores the barriers companies are facing and the success factors they pinpoint as necessary for deep integration. The purpose of the survey is to enable a discussion among business people on what needs to be in place to achieve even greater impact.  

“While all our respondents tell us that integration is among the top priorities for them, no company journey was like the other,” Eva Normell of Purple IVY says.  “The way they measure their progress varied considerably.” 

Insights from 20 companies 

Our research is a reflection of conversations with some 20 leading Swedish companies. Well under half of the respondents indicated that sustainability was deeply integrated in their business strategy  

Key take-aways include. 

  • Most respondents cited that top management played a crucial role in achieving the right level of ambition and commitment. 
  • Less than a quarter of the respondents stated that they work actively to build awareness and raise competence levels among top management 
  • Just over half of the respondents had defined transformational targets. 

An important conclusion in the report is the disconnect between a heavy reliance on the top management to set the tone and ambition for their sustainability commitment.  At the same time top management are often not given the tools to understand the sustainability context.   

“Only four respondents said that they make concerted efforts to raise their leadership teams’ knowledge of the agenda,” Eva Normell commented. “This is clearly a pitfall. With a lack of understanding of what is at stake, the real purpose of sustainability becomes confused—sustainability is seen through the eyes of business interests instead of the role business has as a change agent. Not addressing this conflict could jeopardize both credibility and impact.”

Link to download the report

About Purple IVY:  A Stockholm-based consultancy, Purple IVY helps future-proof companies and their business models. It leverages  strategy, as well as sustainability know-how, management system, communications and impact expertise to integrate sustainability priorities deeper into the business.  

For more information, visit  www.purple-ivy.se  or contact us at info@purple-ivy.se  Eva Normell: eva@purple-ivy.se, tel:  +46 (0)70 331 4260.   

Christina Ameln joins the Purple IVY team with expertise on delivering sustainable impact.

Christina Ameln joins the Purple IVY team, adding her insights to the company’s expertise within sustainability communications, management and impact.   

Christina will be helping to build Purple IVY’s offering in both Asia and Europe within the social impact sphere, contributing project management skills, communications expertise and stakeholder insights to Purple IVY’s client base.   

Christina brings to Purple IVY some 20 years of experience within strategic sustainable impact. She has deep-seated experience in Europe and Southeast Asia in driving projects with corporations, not-for-profit and inter-governmental organisations. With her multi-stakeholder, collaborative and entrepreneurial approach, she has the insights to identify and deliver opportunities that create impact.  

“I am a big believer in building connections. The sustainable impact sphere brings huge opportunity to bring about change and long-lasting investment opportunities, by creating connections and building intrapreneurship in organisations. Most of all, it can make a measurable difference in peoples’ lives,” Christina Ameln commented, “I look forward to bringing my multi-sectoral knowhow to help drive the agenda through Purple IVY .” 

“Positive change is all about connecting dots – recognizing the interconnectedness of things and building relationships that can scale great ideas. Christina excels in both. She has demonstrated that she is uniquely equipped to drive, engage and inspire. We are very fortunate to have her onboard,” says Sergio Lopez Ramos, Purple IVY partner and expert on social impact. 

Christina’s skillset and experience: 

  • Project lead for building the sustainability space in Southeast Asia, with strong focus on Vietnam. Raising awareness and shaping sustainability mindsets within impact investing. She also project managed Ericsson’s 2016 sustainability report.  
  • Sector facilitator within industry and inter-governmental organizations such as the UN Global Compact Nordic Network, AVPN (Asia Venture Philanthropy Network) and UNDP. Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria (GBC). Here, Christina worked with corporate engagement in global health issues and pandemics particularly linking pandemics with business impact.  
  • CSR Director: At SCA (now Essity and SCA), leading global employee engagement programs, and building processes for group-wide Code of Conduct compliance systems.  
  • Lifting mindsets  –  Speaker, facilitator and writer. 

About Purple IVY. A Stockholm-based consultancy, Purple IVY helps future-proof companies and their business models. It leverages  strategy, as well as sustainability know-how, management system, communications and impact expertise to integrate sustainability priorities deeper into the business.  For more information, visit www.purple-ivy.se or contact Astrid von Schmeling, managing director.  

Purple IVY’s future focus is reinforced with the addition of Rebecca Oliver

Purple IVY is strengthening its team of sustainability experts with the addition of Rebecca Oliver. Drawing from her background in science and business, Rebecca helps companies carve a way forward in tackling critical issues like climate change.

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As of March 2020, Rebecca Oliver has joined our team of consultants. Her talents will enhance our offering to help companies chart short and long-term responses to critical risks like climate change and increase transparency on climate risks to the financial community. 

“With her experience in scenario processes, and her ability to bring together professionals from across sectors, she is a natural addition to our team,” says Purple IVY managing director, Astrid von Schmeling.     

A biologist by training, Rebecca has spent some 20 years within sustainability science, stakeholder engagement and the fast-moving consumer goods industry at Unilever. During eight years at the Tällberg Foundation, she brought leaders and experts together to understand and influence global development. Her passion is to use scenarios to help companies better scope, get excited about, and prepare for, the future. 

 “We are living in extraordinary times where the search to define the future is on. The need for a response from companies to a changing context will only deepen. Purple IVY has the tools and strategy for supporting companies who wish to futureproof their operations. I look forward to contributing with my knowledge and expertise,” says Rebecca. 

Most recently, Rebecca worked with Johan Rockström and the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences to set up the Swedish office for the global sustainability science platform Future Earth, where she brought finance and climate experts together to explore risk models.  


About Purple IVY. A Stockholm-based consultancy, Purple IVY helps companies to future-proof their business models. It leverages business strategy, sustainability know-how, management system, communications and impact expertise to integrate sustainability priorities deeper into the business.